6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Floor Finish

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The floor is an important component of any building or structure. It receives heavy traffic, from the foot that always walk around it to the appliances being put around the house. So, if you’re just building your new home or renovating your current one, you should think about the type of flooring and finish you need. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the flooring and finish.

  1. Durability

Floorings are expensive. It’s your investment that will change the current property value of your house. So, you should make sure that it’s durable enough to withstand heavy traffic. You are not going to change the flooring for quite some time, so you have to choose the flooring that makes it worth the money and effort you spent it on. Think about the process like installation, floor sanding and finishes.

  1. Maintenance

The type of flooring you are going to choose should reflect what kind of maintenance you’re willing to invest on. If you want the flooring to be clean all the time and can be easily maintained, you can opt for laminates and tiles. If you want a durable and aesthetically appealing floor, you can choose marble. If you want your floor to look more modern and sleek, there is engineered hardwood. If you want a floor that can reduce the slip and falls and safe for the kids, you can carpet the entire floor. There is so much to choose from, just consider how willing are you to spend on maintenance.

  1. Style

Aside from the durability, you should also select the floor that doesn’t conflict with the style of your furnishings. If your house has this classical effect, marble and stone is a good option for the flooring. If you want your house to appear modern, choose tiles and carpets. The key thing is that the floor shouldn’t be left out with the furnishings and design of your house.

  1. Lifestyle

Another thing to consider is your lifestyle. If you don’t have much time to maintain the house, tile and marble flooring is a good option because they can be easily cleaned. If you have pets, then choose carpet flooring to make sure that are safe especially when they ran around the house. If you have pets, the carpet might not work for you because of the accumulation of fur and dust.

  1. Price and Budget

Of course, budget will have a huge impact on the kind of flooring you can install. Flooring is costly, so if you have a small budget search for affordable materials like laminate or concrete. If you have high budget, then you definitely opt for marble and engineered hardwood.

  1. Comfort

Of course, who would want a beautiful floor if it doesn’t make your feet comfortable right? The comfort level should be a big part of your decision. Consider the weather, how comfortable is it to walk or sit on and many more. Think about how often you are going to use the floor because the resistance and durability will depend on it.

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