Time to Add Various Shrubs to Your Landscaping Pro

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Time to Add Various Shrubs to Your Landscaping Project 

Shrubs are a major addition in any landscaping project, however, knowing how they will suit into the total garden scheme as well as having knowledge of them beyond several traditional benefits is key. 


As a matter of fact, it is very essential that every landscaping project can be categorized into five important layers which can help you plan the project and make better options about what to plant or where to plant. The shrub slot is in the third layer and it is a huge one. It spans a height range which enables you to extend your group of shrubs beyond the usual boxwoods, azaleas, and rhododendrons which we usually see in a typical residential landscaping project. However, because of the so many options which can be chosen, it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. 

Begin with the Functions of the Shrub 

When you are selecting shrubs, you should think first about the function of the plants in your landscaping project before choosing for the looks. For instance, if you need anything to give year-round coverage, that is where you begin to choose. If your main goal is to make a pop of color, that is entirely something else. And if you have the intention of using only native elements, that will also assist you to narrow down your focus a little bit more.  

Make Knowledgeable and Wise Decisions, Not Knee-Jerk Ones  

Once you have determined functionality, you are ready to start narrowing down your options a little bit based on your knowledge and skills of what will suit perfectly in your yard, not only on what you usually see walking through the garden. 

Every time choosing to buy a shrub that is new to you, you should consider researching it beyond nursery tag. A great way to do it is to check with the local botanical garden in the planting area. Several of them have helpful online resources. In addition to that, there are more accurate posts, in-depth details about the features of the plants, problems, and benefits as well. Furthermore, this is very vital since the details on these small tags are attached to the shrubs that can sometimes be misleading. It is well worth doing a small research work by yourself and taking the time and effort to understand and apply the details you find in the net.  

Ask Questions 

Ask common questions pertaining all about shrubs. This can be very vital since several shrubs actually will outgrow the portion in which they are planted. For instance, some shrubs can be vigorously pruned as well as rebound nicely even if trimmed by a non-professional. While some won’t accept major pruning by a novice very well, instead, the plant can become deformed. 

Time to Do Something Different 

Every landscaping designer has their own preferred plant palette. While that is entirely good, I think it is also very essential to stretch even more. It is really very interesting how several new landscapes sport go for the same standard shrubs every now and then when there are a lot of very interesting options available nowadays. 


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